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Welcome to CD4 Global Services

We protect and support your company from others trying to steal your intellectual property and trade secrets.

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We Protect Your Business And Your Employees

We defend against: Economic Espionage, Trade Secret theft, and Insider Threats.

We protect those charged with our prosperity and wealth in our retirement.

We bring our knowledge and experience to protect your innovation, intellectual property, and lifelong investments.

Who Is At Risk?

If your company has a product or service that makes you profitable, then you have been, are, or will be attacked.

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We Safeguard And Neutralize Threats.

We help businesses understand the likelihood of an attack, what they have that may be at risk and what their weak links may be.

We help businesses get the information they need to make better decisions about the risks they face.

We support companies by partnering them with our subject matter experts throughout the process to safeguard and neutralize threats.